Strategic Planning for Federal Government Markets

We help our clients plan for success in the federal market. We help our clients develop strategies to:

  • Identify and contend with new competitive pressures in the federal market niches in which they are active.

  • Introduce new services and products.

  • …and diversify into additional federal market segments.

We also help firms that are not yet active in the federal market. We help them assess whether to enter the market, and the potential risks, rewards, and costs. And for clients that have decided to enter the arena, we develop strategic roadmaps for doing so.

Our Approach

In each strategy engagement, we provide objective advice and decisive recommendations; and prepare detailed, practical plans tailored to the particular circumstances of each client. Our strategic support services are characterized by the following:

  • Apply intensive knowledge of the federal market.
  • Perform rigorous, data-driven research whenever possible, to develop fact-based insights into our clients’ specific competitive challenges.  We never rely on conventional wisdom or “rules of thumb.”
  • Engage in collegial, collaborative working sessions with our clients.
  • Draw on our knowledge of what types of approaches work—and which do not—based on decades of experience in federal markets.
  • Identify a full range of practical options available to each client.  And for each option, we identify timing, requiremed investments, potential rewards and potential risks.
  • Perform insightful and frank analyses, to identify the potential rewards–and potential risks–of each option.
  • Make decisive recommendations, and work closely with our clients to help them in their decision-making process.
  • Prepare detailed action plans (tasks, timing, resources) to help our clients implement their strategic choices.
Are you grappling with a strategic issue? Let’s talk.
Contact our firm’s principal, Dave Alexander, for a confidential discussion.  Let’s explore your issues, and determine whether Lincoln Strategies can be of help.  We do not charge for initial consultations, and our conversation will be held in strict confidence.  You can reach Mr. Alexander at (978) 369-1140, or via e-mail at