Market Research

Firms that thrive in the federal arena do so in part by developing a granular understanding of the market. They develop strategies, and deploy marketing targets and tactics that are sensitive to differences in each niche of the federal market in which they have an interest.

Lincoln Strategies perofrms market research to helps answer questions such as the following:

  • What are the specific niches within the federal government market for the types of services and goods your firm offers (or wants to offer) in that market?Lincoln Strategies, LLC, performs actionable market research related to the federal government market.
  • Which of these niches has the most potential for your firm?
  • How can you sharpen the definition of your firm’s offerings to make them more responsive to the procurement preferences and evaluation criteria used by each relevant federal agency?
  • How can you develop a more effective marketing plan?
  • Which firms are already successful in each federal market niche of interest to your firm?
  • What are these firms’ competitive positions?  Which of them might you want to approach to form teaming relationships?

Lincoln Strategies helps its clients answer questions such as these by applying our detailed knowledge of available federal data, deploying sophisticated analytic tools, and clearly communicating results, insights, and action-oriented recommendations.

What services or products do you want to offer in the federal market?  Let us help you answer questions such as the following:

  • Which agencies are the largest buyers for this particular type of service or product?
  • How much is being procured by each agency?
  • Which firms are the market leaders for this product or service for each agency? By type of procurement? By geographic area?
  • Using what types of procurement approaches (e.g., full-and-open or restricted; RFPs or Qualifications Based Procurements)?
  • How does each agency structure its evaluation criteria for this type of service or product? Its source selection strategy?
  • Under what types of contracts (e.g., IDIQ vs. definitive)?
  • To what extent are GSA Schedule contracts or other multi-agency vehicles used by different agencies?
  • Is this federal market niche growing or shrinking?
How can Lincoln Strategies help meet your specific research needs?
Give us a call for a confidential discussion. Let’s explore your federal government research requirements and we will give you a sense of how Lincoln Strategies might be able to help.  Contact us at (978) 369-1140, or