The following articles, books, guides, and other resources address topics of interest to many of our clients.

Entering the federal market for the first time? Three “iron laws” you need to know.
Are you developing a strategy for the federal government market? There are five key questions you must address (article published in Professional Services Management Journal).
There are a lot of myths about federal government contracting. Here’s a two-part article published in RainToday that provides insights.
Federal government market research is important in order to succeed in this arena. This article describes goals of this research and good data sources.
Is your firm considered to be a “small business” for federal procurements?
Is there life in the federal A/E/C market?  Here’s an article from The Friedman File newsletter.
Marketing to the federal government: a how-to book written by the Principal of Lincoln Strategies for engineering, architectural, and environmental firms.
How to develop win themes for federal government proposals (originally published in The Zweig Letter).
How to sell Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or facilitation services to the federal government (originally published in Dispute Resolution Journal).
Are you writing a proposal for a government contract? Here’s an article on how to avoid disasters that doom federal proposals.
Many competitions for federal contracts require offerors to make oral presentations. Here are some tips on how to prepare for orals, originally published in RainToday.
Tips for preparing resumes for federal government proposal (originally published in A/E Rainmaker).
8 tips for writing strong corporate qualifications sections of federal proposals.
Management plans for federal government proposals—tips and a checklist.
How federal contracts can generate reliable, timely cash flow (published in A/E Rainmaker).