We have a stellar record of success in helping firms obtain GSA Schedule contracts.

Our GSA Schedule Contract Services

Many of our clients require help in understanding and winning GSA Schedule contracts.  We have helped many services providers obtain GSA contracts under the Consolidated Schedule and many other Schedules, for management consulting, software development, public relations, engineering, environmental services, facilities maintenance, energy efficiency consulting, software development, website development, and services in many other disciplines.  We also have helped many manufacturers obtain GSA Schedule contracts, for information technology products and other high-technology items.

Our clients typically ask us to help in the following areas:

  • We help our clients decide whether to pursue a GSA Schedule contract. We can help you assess whether it makes sense for your firm. What are the potential advantages and disadvantages, given your firm’s particular areas of expertise and pricing?
  • We help select the most appropriate GSA Schedule contract. We can help you identify which GSA Schedule (or Schedules) under which to obtain a contract.
  • We write the proposal and negotiate the contract. We have an excellent record of helping firms win their GSA Schedule contracts in a timely manner, with minimal burden on internal staff, and at a cost-effective price.

Would you rather write your GSA proposal on your own, with cost-effective consulting support along the way? We provide that service also.

We provide post-award services, such as giving firms a high-quality presence on the GSA Advantage! website.

Need a GSA Schedule contract? Let’s make it happen.

Contact us to have a confidential conversation, at no charge.  Let’s discuss your firm’s situation.

Do you need help in trying to figure out whether a GSA Schedule contract makes sense for your firm?  We can give you an honest assessment of the advantages and disadvantages.  Or perhaps you have already decided to obtain a GSA Schedule contract, but you are not sure of your options for doing so.  We can present, in a low-key manner, your various options.

Please keep in mind the following: (1) GSA Schedule contracts are not well suited for all firms; and (2) It is not a good idea to use a “one-size-fits-all” approach to obtaining a GSA Schedule contract.

And if you decide that obtaining a GSA Schedule contract makes sense for your firm, and if you would like to consider our services, we will give you a price quote. We perform all of the work: you obtain a GSA contract—quickly, and with favorable terms and pricing.

We have provided these services to firms that are among the largest GSA Schedule contractors nationwide, as well as many smaller and mid-size firms.

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Articles and How-to Guides

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C Note:  Under the Professional Services Schedule, some GSA contracts have SINs that include “C” prefixes; other contracts under the same Schedule exclusively have SINs that do not feature “C” prefixes.  Why?

GSA might add a new SIN to Schedule 70 for cybersecurity services. This article provides an overview.

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Does your firm provide public relations, advertising, website development, or other outreach and communications services?  You might want to consider obtaining a GSA Professional Services Schedule contract.  It includes all of the Special Item Numbers (SINs) that used to be in the Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS) Schedule.  This article provides an overview.

GSA contracts cover a wide range of products, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and services for civilian and military applications.

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